Terms and Conditions

1. Application

Jozoo.co.uk (hereinafter referred to as “JoZoo” or “website”) is owned and operated by S.C. Cylex Tehnologia Informatiei International S.N.C. (“Cylex”). JoZoo is an online job portal, where people looking for jobs, as well as companies/recruiters in search of new employees (collectively referred to as “users” or “you”) can browse or upload job listings.

By accessing the website and using the services provided by Cylex you accept the terms and conditions (“terms”) presented on this page, along with any additional terms that refer to information and services provided by third parties.

2. Services and their use

a.) For users in general
JoZoo is an online platform, which can be used free of charge, by people who wish to find a job (“job seekers”) and persons/companies/organisations (“employers”), who are looking for new employees or job applicants.

Users shall not access the website in ways that could disturb, harm or disable its services. Moreover, they are not allowed to access the website in an automated manner, using spiders, robots or other kind of data collection methods.

They also agree not to use the material displayed on the website, or the services offered by JoZoo, in any way that violates the applicable laws and regulations regarding, but not limited to, collection and processing of personal information.

It is prohibited for users to publish/post/upload any material that contains viruses, harmful data, spam or can be viewed as a breach of the laws.
Users shall not submit content or links to material that can be considered illegal, defamatory, pornographic, threatening, discriminatory, libelous or offensive in any way.
The provided content shall not infringe upon any rights or laws and must be in accordance with the terms.

b.) For job seekers
Job seekers are not allowed to:
- share their JoZoo login details with anyone else
- login to the website if they are not authorized to have access to the respective login credentials
- upload a CV on behalf of someone else
- upload a CV that contains misleading, false, inaccurate information or data which is not theirs

c.) For employers
Employers are not allowed to:
- share their JoZoo login details with anyone else
- login to the website if they are not authorized to have access to the respective login credentials
- publish/upload job postings that are not genuine or contain misleading, inaccurate, false information
- publish/upload job postings which contain information of another company

In addition, employers must take full responsibility for the job postings they submit to the website and Cylex cannot be held responsible for the outcome of the hiring process. When using the details provided by job seekers, employers must also respect and act in accordance with the privacy/third party rights, as well as any of the applicable laws, including but not limited to, data protection laws.

Termination of service:
Cylex reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit, suspend or terminate the access of any user who violates these terms, without prior notification.

Furthermore, Cylex can remove any content published/uploaded on the website, in case there is a violation of the applicable laws (including copyright and trademark laws) or third party rights without notifying the user(s).

3. Data protection, copyright and trademark

The use of the information provided upon registering to JoZoo and of the other data given by users is governed by Cylex's Privacy Policy. Cylex may use personal information (such as email addresses, CVs or contact details) in order to send out job alerts to job seekers, or notifications to employers about someone, who applied to their job post(s). In order to find out details about the way personal data is collected and processed, please consult Cylex's Privacy Policy here.

The content presented on the website (including but not limited to: contact details, logos, descriptions, job posts, graphics etc.) may contain copyrighted material and trademarks, thus it is subject to the applicable copyright and trademark laws, as well as intellectual property and third party rights.

Users agree not to infringe upon the above mentioned laws/rights and to use the content that can be found on JoZoo solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. They are not allowed to distribute, reproduce, copy, publish or otherwise use the content, except in cases, when they have received prior written consent from the owner of the respective material.

4. Disclaimer, limitation of liability

Cylex cannot be held responsible for the accuracy/validity or reliability of the content and data published on JoZoo by users. Solely the users, or persons whom the content has originated from, are responsible for their material posted on JoZoo.
As a result, Cylex shall not be liable, in case the content published by users violates any of the applicable laws and regulations.

Since the services are provided on an “as is” basis, Cylex cannot offer warranties of any kind in relation to the information published on the website.

Furthermore, Cylex reserves the right, in its sole discretion, without prior notice, not to accept or display user submitted content on its website, in case it sees the respective content unfit.

By uploading/submitting content to JoZoo, users grant Cylex a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable right to display the material on its website.

Cylex does not take upon itself to check the content posted on JoZoo, thus disclaims any liability resulting from failing to do such verifications.

Third party content, as well as links to third party websites, may be available on JoZoo, nevertheless, Cylex is not in any case responsible for the accuracy, validity of such data or actual material on the third party websites. If users decide to access such links or use third party data, they do so at their own risk.

5. Interruptions to the website and the services

Since technical difficulties can occur with any online platform, Cylex cannot guarantee that JoZoo will be available all the time, error-free.

As a result, users agree not to hold Cylex responsible in cases of liability, damages or losses (direct or indirect) of any kind, arising from the use or inability to use its website and services.

6. Governing law and jurisdiction

These terms are governed by the laws of Romania. Thus, all disputes and claims arising from or in connection with these terms or the website and the services offered by Cylex, shall be in accordance with Romanian legislation and they shall be decided in Romanian courts.

7. Changes to these terms

Cylex reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, as well as to add additional information to this page, without prior notification of the users. Thus, users are advised to visit this page regularly to find out about any changes or revisions of the terms.