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Motivate Without Spending a Fortune

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Giving a raise is not the only way to motivate your staff and perhaps it is not even the most effective one as it might imply that it is not worth going the extra mile unless you are paid for it. Than how to motivate? Here are few creative tips:

Show that their work is meaningful

Studies has demonstrated that employee's morale has a great impact on their efficiency. So, it is definitely worth to show your appreciation. Take time to remind your employees that their work matters. Share with them the customers' positive feedback. Or if you want to reward one of your employee in particular, call him into your office just to say how much you value his work. You can also express your appreciation by allowing him to work on his pet project or just trust him with more responsibilities.

Help them improve themselves

Giving new tasks expresses your trust in them, but it is not enough. Support your staff. Help them to meet your expectations by providing training or send an email with articles that could help them to learn new skills and perform better. Your employee will feel that you do care about them and it will not only encourage them to do their best, but it will help you to bond with your people. If an employee is expert in a field, you might want to consider asking him to make a presentation or train the new colleagues. Another great way to express your appreciation is to actually give a hand to an employee who is under great pressure. Never underestimate the motivating power of gratitude.

Create a positive atmosphere

You can lift your staff's morale by creating a friendly atmosphere as well, so that they like coming to work. You might think that it is easier said than done. Well, you can start creating a positive environment by building relationships with your staff. Talk with them and not only about work related issues. Treat them with respect, show interest in their life, listen to what they say and don't be afraid to ask their opinion. It will signal that you value their work and it will also encourage them to be more creative. Let your employees work in a team. It has a great team building effect and it will make them to be more effective. You can also try other team building activities such as company picnics or celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and team achievements. All this will help creating links between you and your employees and reduces the work related stress.


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