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How to Attract the Best Candidates

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Companies are always looking for the best and most qualified staff to join them. A well chosen employee can determine the success of your company. The best and easiest way to hire is by posting a job offer on a job search website. Not only will this ease your search for the best candidate, but it will also save time and effort. As much as the job seekers are looking to impress during the interview, the hiring companies also have to make everything possible in order to get the best available people out there.

Advantages of online job posting

Posting a job offer online is far more efficient than posting a job vacancy ad in a newspaper. First of all, due to the fact that on a job posting site, you can specify all the areas you are interested in and choose different fields and qualifications. Secondly, there are far more people seeking an employment vacancy online. But to be found, you should consider giving job titles that are easy to understand, meaning that when you are looking for a 'Financial Adviser' your job title should not be 'Money Adviser'.

How to write a well-written free job posting for employees

You want to hire the best of the best. It is important to be aware of the fact that the next company might also be looking and targeting the same people you are. To ensure success, your job post should have an easy to read structure. This way the applicants can decide in a short time whether they would be a good fit for the position or not.

Company description

The company description is an important part of every job listing. Try to present the company as you would to a person you encountered for the first time. Candidates are interested in what does your company do and what is the business market your are involved in. Still, try not to dive into insignificant reports or numbers. Focus on how long has your company been on the market and what are the key points that make your business stand out.

What are the job requirements

As an employer, it is your task to be specific about the requirements you want to be filled in by your candidate. Don't be vague and don't mislead. People are interested about the tasks and skills required in order to land the job. It will speed up the recruitment process as well, as only people with the specified qualities will apply for the job.

What can you offer

Point out the benefits of working for your company. Why is it so important? Because you want to catch the attention of the most suitable people. You may or may not specify the salary you are willing to pay. My suggestion, however, is to give a salary range and mention all special bonuses such as training sessions or employee development courses.

What documents are needed

To make your life easier, make clear what work related documents are needed for the interview. For example an ID photo, drivers license, referees or other credentials.

How will you contact the candidates

Tell your candidates in what manner you will get in touch with them. Should the candidates expect an email, phone call or online contact form response?
Is your job post ready? Great! Now choose a job board that attracts a lot of job seekers. Consider the advantage of job aggregators. The applicants aim to see all the vacancies matching their skills so they tend to visit sites with a comprehensive list of job offers to choose from. Don't worry about competition, a well-written job post will stand out. Good luck!


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