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Hire People Who Will Stick Around

You write a job post, screen and interview dozens of applicants, hire the most suitable one... and then he leaves within a couple of months. It happens to the best of us. But if it happens regularly, then you should make changes in your hiring process. Here are a few tips on how to hire people who will actually stick around:


1. Make sure you are the right fit for the applicant you want to hire

The #1 reason why new employees leave is that they didn’t know what the role involves and when facing the daily duties they realize it is not what they have been looking for. Would you like to avoid such ‘revelations’?  Make sure to specify, in the job description as well as during the interview, the requirements, the daily duties and possible training the successful candidate will get. Always look for people who, based on the detailed job description, genuinely believe that being hired by you is the best thing that can happen to them.


2. Look for drive, desire and resourcefulness 

You need to hire people who want to work for you and not someone who is only looking for a job. How to find out who is honestly interested in working for you and who is only in want of a paycheck? Ask questions such as: ‘How much do you know about our company?’ Today obtaining information about a company, brand or even a person is an easy task. If someone doesn’t bother to make a little research, it means he is not really interested. Ask ‘unconventional’ questions as well. It will catch the candidate off guard and you can see how he/she reacts in an unexpected situation. Is he/she open-minded? Smart? Friendly? Energetic? If the answer is yes, he/she could be a good catch! Flexibility and problem solving skills are invaluable traits of an employee.


3. Does the applicant pass the airplane test?

 If you had to sit next to that person for hours on a plane would you actually enjoy your time with him/her? ‘Now, that’s a silly question to consider.’ - you might think. But is it? Let me rephrase it. Would you want to work with him/her for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? Would you feel comfortable putting this person in touch with a client? After all, you want someone who can maintain good relationship both with clients and co-workers, don’t you?


4. Focus on soft skills

Though I’d suggest you search for personality traits first and skills second, sometimes you just need certain skill sets to have the job done. Yet try to think out of the box and focus on soft skills. Do you need someone with an analytical mind? Then consider hiring even those applicants who have less experience but are excited to join your company and are genuinely nice persons. Remember: you can help someone master a skill, but you can’t teach drive and strong work ethic.


5. Slow down the hiring process

Don’t hire the first person applying for the job. Break the hiring process into more phases. It will help you to learn more about the applicants, their personality and skills. Another advantage of slowing the process is that only the interested candidates will hang around to see whom you’ll hire.
You can also introduce the applicants to one or more employees. Watch their reaction. Are they easy-going or frustrated and unprofessional? 

All these questions, tests and pieces of advice serve one purpose: to make sure that the candidate you’ll hire is the right fit for the company, and the company is the right fit for the applicant. If these conditions are met, you can be sure the new employee will stick around.

So you have a job vacancy to fill in? Post your job and start searching now!


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