Rullion has one simple mission: helping make the job market more efficient. As an intermediary, we deliver services that link businesses looking for people with people looking for jobs as quickly, accurately and cost-effectively as possible.

As with most industries, in recruitment we can't stand still.  What worked yesterday doesn't work today, and what works today will almost certainly need changing tomorrow. What does remain constant at Rullion is our desire and ability to stay at the forefront of our industry - to continuously improve the mechanisms that help facilitate the perfect match between business and people.

Being a business that embraces change and spearheads innovation, we've underpinned our approach with a total commitment to technology.  That's because we understand technology's incredible capacity for gathering and using information, and for providing the clarity and control that's essential for measurable improvement.  

We also put specialism at the heart of our solutions.  That's because we recognise that in the age of the internet, what counts isn't having access to large amounts of information but having the expertise to process it.  Knowledge is king, and so in 2011 we launched our bespoke Industry Sector Specialists programme to help make our service more insightful, targeted and effective than ever.

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