Whether you are just starting out on your career - having just finished school, college or university - or you already have experience working in the voluntary, public or private sectors, Barnardo's can offer you a position where your strengths, enthusiasm and skills will be rewarded and appreciated in many different ways.

Many people think that working for Barnardo's will only involve working with children, families and young people. Although we offer many opportunities to do this, there is a whole range of other functions and services that support our vital work. For instance, there are openings in fundraising, on the retail side in Barnardo's shops, human resources, IT, marketing and finance.

At Barnardo's we take learning and development very seriously. We see the purpose of learning to ensure employees, workers and volunteers are equipped with the skills and competence to undertake their role. This can include working towards a qualification or certification. We see the purpose of development to develop capacity for the future as required for identified business needs.

As a responsible employer, Barnardo’s considers it is important to encourage people to save for their retirement - pension provision is therefore a key feature of its benefits package.

Barnardo's Retirement Savings Plan (BRSP) is a stakeholder pension with with a designated pension provider and is available to all staff. Staff are able to choose one of two contribution rates - 4 per cent or 6 per cent of earnings - and have their contributions matched by Barnardo's. Staff are also able to make additional contributions up to 100 percent of their earnings in total and receive tax relief on the additional contributions. Contributions can be invested in a variety of funds according to your investment preference, or alternatively a default fund is available. All new staff are automatically enrolled into BRSP but you can opt out if you do not wish to join.

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