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What Are the Tasks of an HR Manager?

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The human resource managers’ work includes much more than just hiring and firing people. They address all the personnel related issues, to ensure that everything is given for the smooth functioning and development of the company. Let’s see what these tasks are.

We want you

Even if staffing isn’t an HR Manager’s only duty, it is a significant part of his work. He is in charge of creating job posts highlighting both the requirements and the advantages of the role; and it is his responsibility to select the most suitable applicant by reading hundreds of CVs, interviewing the promising candidates and assessing their professional and personal skills. A new employee, if carefully chosen, can be a great asset to the company. So, to ensure the success of the recruitment, the HR managers’ duties involve headhunting and background check as well.

Money, money, money … and other benefits

The employees’ compensation package usually includes not only money but other benefits as well such as vacation time, sick leave, life insurance and so on. And so, the human resource management involves payroll and benefits administration too. It also means that besides negotiating the salary with the applicants, the HR manager is required to be well-informed about the latest pay and employee tax laws.

Let’s see what you are good at

Outsourcing is another major task an HR manager must face during his daily work. After hiring, the employees are constantly assessed. Not only to verify whether the recruiters chose the best possible candidates but also to notice further skills. After all, a good HR manager looks at the overall picture and makes sure that the labour is utilized to its best. In other words, he is required to make succession plans and promotion suggestions as well.

Knowledge is power

Learning new skills help the staff to gain self-confidence and perform better in their daily tasks. Even the most talented employees with a lot of experience can profit from a training now and then. Thus, a good HR manager has to decide what kind of training is necessary for overall efficiency. But besides helping the new employees’ orientation and integration, he is required to focus on on-going skill training for older employees as well. It doesn't have to be an expensive course. A simple teamwork can do wonders. Expressing ideas and discussing suggestions will increase the productivity and creativity.

Are you satisfied with your work?

Talent management means making sure that the most valuable workers are content and wish to stay with the company. Again, it involves more than just offering a big paycheck. The workers morale depends mostly on their motivation and on the working environment. So, a good HR manager has to create a friendly atmosphere by organizing team buildings and facilitating bonding between co-workers. As opposed to popular believes, it doesn’t require a fortune to do that. Simply celebrating the great achievements or birthdays can mean a lot to the employees. The expression of the leader’s appreciation is another effective way to ensure the loyalty of your best workers.

As you can see, the job of an HR manager is more complicated than it might seem at first sight; however working in human resources can be very rewarding.


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