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Are you going to an interview, but could use some tips from the experts? Learn about the interview types, find out how to impress the recruiters, and more.

Tips to Improve Your Body Language

Your body language can help you getting a job, but it can also easily undermine your chances. It's shocking, isn't? Nonetheless, qualification and experience is not everything. The impression you make on the interviewer depends greatly on your body language. So here are a few tips to improve your nonverbal communication:

Make a great first impression

You want to appear open and approachable, so don't forget to smile. Try not to fake it, people can tell. It also might help you to relax and show the outgoing side of your personality, if you take a deep breath before entering the room.
The handshake also can be decisive. Your grip must be firm to indicate self-confidence and calmness. Another important factor is the eye contact. Don't avoid it altogether and especially don't look out through the window. You want to express your interest by looking into the eyes of the interviewer. You should also avoid staring. It is rude and can be interpreted as aggressive. 

Watch your posture

After a strong beginning, don't mess up your chances with a bad body posture. Sit up straight because if you lean back, the recruiter might think you are not interested and if you lean forward you can be considered to be too pushy or even aggressive. Don't fidget, drum with your fingers or play with your hair and jewels. All of this express nervousness and that you question your own competence. Don't put your hands in your pocket because it signifies carelessness and disinterest. Don't cross them in front of your chest either, otherwise you risk appearing defensive and unapproachable.
You should rather mirror the interviewer's posture. It will help you build an ever more relaxed atmosphere, but avoid overdoing it.

How to speak

Keep your voice calm, speak slowly, loud enough to be heard and pronounce the words clearly. Take your time before answering a question. It's perfectly acceptable to gather your thoughts, so don't dread the occasional silences.


Hopefully you will be brilliant, but even if not everything goes according to your plan or you feel exhausted, hold your head up when you are leaving at the end of the interview. Your body language should indicate that your are confident and collected from the beginning to the very end of the interview.


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