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Search Smarter - Not Harder

Do you think job search equals facing lots of disappointment and refusals? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. You have probably heard several times that working smarter, not harder is the key to success. So why not apply this ‘advice’ to your job search as well?

I am no software developer, but it impresses me how their minds work. When they got a project that seems to be overwhelming, they break it into bite-size tasks, that can be resolved easily. This is exactly what you have to do as well. Here’s your to-do list:

  1. Figure out what you want

So, you have decided you want a job you love. Great! But before you plunge into searching for a job, take your time to decide what is exactly you are after. List what are you good at: Do you want to make a difference as a volunteer? Can you sell ice for an Eskimo? Are you ‘tied’ to your car? Do you like caring for others? Can you motivate people? Do you prefer working in a team? … Chances are that you will love doing what you are good at. So this is a great way to find out what do you want to do with your life.

  2. Research & Prepare

Yet, it’s not enough to know what you want, you have to impress the recruiters as well. So, you’d better write a smashing CV and it’s also a good idea to read some tips on how to answer interview questions or how to make a great first impression. But this is only the Applicants 101. 
Shoot for the moon by all means, but to ensure success, you also have to be realistic and prepared. For instance, I’d love to be a chef, but I’m not that good of a cook. If I’d decide to apply for a Sous Chef opening, first, I’d attend a cooking course. More than that, just to make sure my application is taken seriously, I’d probably make a blog with a few recipes and photos of the dishes prepared by me. 
It’s not easy to stand out, but with a little brainstorming I’m sure you can come up with a great idea. 

  3. Find & Apply

Now that you are ready, find the position you want and get it. You could browse all the job openings in your town, but why would you? It’s a waste of time, especially if you have already decided what you want. 
So, choose your job site, type in relevant keywords (try different terms) and use the filters to get a list of those jobs you are interested in. Send your application and that’s it. You are ready for the upcoming interviews. I’d also suggest to set up an e-mail alert, so that you stay informed about your options.

  4. NB

Oh, one more thing. Don’t exhaust yourself. Finding a job can be a job in itself. So remember: the secret to retaining a high level of productivity is having breaks. Of course you want to get things done as quickly as possible. But the best way to keep you engaged and focused is to introduce frequent breaks between accomplishing smaller tasks. Have a walk, talk to your friends or watch some funny animal videos. Whatever you choose, make sure it has nothing to do with your jobsearch. Checking mails from recruiters doesn’t count! Believe me, after a break you will have more power and resolution to accomplish your goals!

So, if you are tired go and stretch your legs, then come back and check out our free CV builder.

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