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Interview Thank-You Note

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A thank-you note won’t convince the recruiter that you are the best candidate, but your chances would be diminished significantly if you fail to send it.

‘Why is it so important?’ you might wonder. Well, during an interview, you are not only assessed, but you also get the chance to find out more about the hiring company and the tasks you would have to perform, if the chance is given. Within 24 hours after the interview, you should let them know if you still want the job.

What to write?

You should thank the recruiter for taking the time to consider you as a candidate and express how enthusiastic you are now, that you had a glimpse of a possible future. In this letter, you can also mention any qualification, experience or any other issue you wish you had had time to discuss during the interview. Finally, let him know that you are waiting for feedback. 

Before sending the thank you note proofread it. It should be:

  • short and succinct
  • grammatically and semantically correct
  • friendly but professional – after all, the hiring manager is not a new friend
  • precise - include your correct phone number and e-mail address


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