Interview Tips

Are you going to an interview, but could use some tips from the experts? Learn about the interview types, find out how to impress the recruiters, and more.


Is an interview a networking event?

You worked hard to get to that job interview, so you probably think the wisest strategy to make a killer impression is to showcase your achievements and prove your worth. Guess you’ll be serious and try to sell yourself really hard.

Not so fast. As the business coach Alisoun Mackenzie says: “Selling at people just turns them away.”

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8 Ways to Find Out Everything About a Hiring Company

Career experts agree that you can't afford to neglect the pre-interview job research. Seems like a fair request and an easy task, doesn’t it? Well, … only if you know where to look for information.

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How to Excel at an Assessment Centre

At an assessment centre the candidates are invited to participate in a series of tests and exercises that can last between a couple of days and a week. Here, you will have to show rather than say what your strengths and weaknesses are.

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Why Did I Fail the Job Interview?

It happens to all of us. Try to see it as a learning experience and an opportunity to find out how you can improve yourself and your interview skills. Sure, you made plans and hopes, but you mustn't lose the big picture. It doesn't mean that you are not good enough. It means only that something went wrong during the interview. So let's find out what was it.

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Candidate Group Interview

Whenever you are interviewed together with other applicants for the same position, it is essential to not get lost in the crowd. Showcasing your competence during a one-to-one interview can be challenging enough, but a group interview is even more stressful. You will have to prove that you are not only a good but the best applicant. To learn how to perform well in a group interview read our tips.

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Questions You Must Avoid on a Job Interview

The impression you make during a job interview is based mostly on your professional experiences, skills and your personality. Yet, the questions you ask at the end of the interview can help you to secure your dream job or ruin all your chances altogether. So take your time to come up with good questions for each review separately and read this article to find out what should be definitely out of the question.

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Tips to Improve Your Body Language

Your body language can help you get a job, but it can also easily undermine your chances. It's shocking, isn't? The impression you make on the interviewer depends greatly on your body language. So here are a few tips to improve your nonverbal communication.

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Hiring someone can be a great idea or a very big mistake, so it is natural that the employer wants to minimize the risk by finding out more about your abilities and personality. Learn how to prepare a reference list.

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Dress to Impress Your Interviewer

Though your skills and experiences are your greatest strengths, the first impression is based on your appearance. So it is essential to dress for success.

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Face Your Phone Interview with Confidence

Nowadays, more and more recruiters use telephone interviews as a screening technique to decide who is a serious applicant and whom they shouldn't invite for a face-to-face interview. So, you'd rather take the phone interview as seriously as an in-person interview.

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