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Are Graduate Schemes the Only Way to Success?

Check out your options

Graduation can be quite terrifying. We are expected not only to know what we want to become, but also to have an elaborated career plan. Yet, even if we have a plan, we still dread that instead of achieving our dreams, we are actually heading for unemployment. This is why the graduate schemes seem to be the only way to success.

A graduate scheme is a programme combining work with on-the-job training and is usually offered by larger companies. The best part of a graduate scheme is that you get hands on experience and while you learn from successful members of the industry, you can figure out if this is what you want to do in the future. But if you are not sure what you want to do or you didn't get into the programme you wanted to, don't panic. Just look around to see what your other options are.

An alternative could be a postgraduate course. While it is designed to help you to improve skills closely related to a specific job, you still can work on transferable skills as well. These abilities will come in handy whatever career you chose in the end. You will also have the time to figure out what is that you can imagine yourself doing in the following years.

Another option is applying for graduate or entry-level jobs. These are vacancies available for graduates at smaller or medium sized companies. They usually do not offer graduate schemes, but hire graduates whenever an entry-level position becomes vacant. That is, while the application deadline of a graduate scheme is about a year before the programme starts, graduate recruiters are looking for applicants who want a job now.

Whatever path you choose, please remember that starting a career is not equal with accepting the first job offer. It might be worth searching for a bit longer until you find the right job. After all, you will work at least 8 hours per day and no one wants it to be an 8 hour torture. 'But I need an income now' you might say and it is nothing wrong to have a low skilled or a part-time job, just don't give up searching for the job that will suit not only your needs but your skills as well.  

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