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8 Ways to Find Out Everything About a Hiring Company

Career experts agree that you can't afford to neglect the pre-interview job research, because being prepared shows that you are genuinely interested in the opening and that you always do a thorough job. Seems like a fair request and an easy task, doesn’t it? Well, … only if you know where to look for information. But don’t worry, here’s what and where to research before your interview:

1. Check the company website

Company research 101 means becoming familiar with the products and/or services the company provides. But if you really want to stand out during that interview, there’s much more you can do. Get to know the culture, values and goals of the company, as well as the benefits and trainings they are offering to their employees. All this information will not only save you from embarrassing moments at the interview, but will also help you decide whether you can picture yourself working for them or not.

2. Take a look at the social sites

Social sites can tell you a lot about a company. Focus on their attitude towards their clients, the tone they use, anything and everything related to their employees: photos, event descriptions and so on. All this will help you get a sense of the people working there.

3. Find out what others think about the company

The clients’ comments and engagement level on the social pages of the company reveal a lot about how others perceive the organization. But don’t stop there. To create an objective picture about the company, put Google to work. Look for reviews. Gather information from independent forums and review sites. The difference between what a company claims to be and the reality could be shocking… and worth knowing before getting hired.

4. Check what the employees have to say

Before you say it’s easier said than done, let me give you some tips on getting in touch with the employees. 
Of course, the best case scenario is when you know somebody in the organization. Ask yourself whether you know where all of your friends, ex-schoolmates, acquaintances, contacts have worked. How about their friends? If the answer is no, you might find useful JoZoo’s Facebook login feature. After registering with Facebook you will see whether you or your friends know anyone at the hiring company. And that’s it. You’ll get all the information you need simply by contacting them.
Even if you have no personal contact at the company, you could still check out the employee reviews on Glassdoor. Though, I would take these reviews with a pinch of salt. The employees remain anonymous, so you can’t be 100 percent sure if the information is true or written by either an HR representative or a single disgruntled employee. 

5. Investigate your future boss 

All of us want a boss who is supporting and does everything in his/her power to help us become successful. Still, we often end up with the boss from hell, who takes all the credit for our work and yet is always dissatisfied with it. So be sure to check your future boss’s social profiles. What does he/she post about? Work? What other things? Is he/she mainly critical? Would it be worth to follow his/her posts from professional point of view? 

6. Make a list with your questions

The interview is not only about answering the recruiter’s questions. It’s essential to have some questions prepared. Why? No employer wants to repeat the hiring process after a couple of months. This is why the recruiters look for suitable candidates, who are convinced that fighting for this position is the right career choice for them. And how else could you know if this is the right job for you if not through research and questions?

7. Read the latest news about the company

To avoid unpleasant surprises, do yourself a favour and before heading for the interview double-check for the latest news from and about the company. You’d certainly want to know about the latest product launches and newsworthy changes within the company, wouldn’t you? Yet again, it’s all about showing interest.

8. Keep your eyes open 

Finally, if the interview is in the building where you’ll work, observe carefully the employees. Are they exhausted? Do they look like they are enjoying their job? Is the silence unnatural? What is your overall impression? These observations won’t help you land the job, but will help you decide whether you want to work there or not.

Want more help researching the company? Sign in with facebook on JoZoo to find out who you know at the hiring companies.

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