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CEO Francisc Osvald

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J05/1591/2009 Oradea, Bihor (ROMANIA)
VAT ID RO26332771
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Sat. Palota 119/A
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JoZoo – where applicants get hired and employers make the right hire!


Our mission

People tend to stay in jobs they don’t love just because they don’t know about their other options. This also means employers hire the first promising applicant because they cannot reach all the talented candidates out there. To change that we have created JoZoo, a free recruiting platform. Yes, it’s free. Both for the applicants and for the recruiters.


What if you'd love your job?

Whether you are looking for your first job or you are thinking about changing your career, we are here so you can learn about all the job opportunities matching your skills and preferences.
But learning about these vacancies is just the first step. We'll help you take charge of your career as well. How? We offer you expert advice and by connecting your profile with Facebook or LinkedIn you can also find friends and connections working at the hiring companies. Employers prefer applicants whose reputation precedes them. So why not use those well-deserved inside referrals to stand out?


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Everything you need to hire Top Talent for free?

Yes. Whether you are a direct employer or a recruiting company you need an easy to use hiring platform to reach, engage and hire talented candidates. You can strengthen your employer brand, build your talent pool and shorten your hiring cycle in one place. No time limits. No hidden fees.


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