We require 5 non-executive directors (NED) or external director to help shape the future of APBA in its fight against corruption. You will be a member of APBA's board of directors but will not form part of the executive management team. You will act in an advisory capacity and you will be required to attend monthly board meetings to offer the benefit of advice and serve on committees concerned with sensitive issues such as the pay of the executive leaders and other senior managers.


In particular, we required Non-Executive Directors  with the following speciality:

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Fundraising

  • Business Development

  • Education, Academics & Training 

  • Human Resources Management

  • Leadership & Corporate Governance

  • Relationship / Customer Relationship Management

  • Quality Improvement Management

  • Lawyer/Solicitor/legal specialist

  • International Business


You must be capable of seeing the company and business issues in a broad perspective, understand strategic issues and be able to make significant input into shaping the strategetic growth and success of APBA. A solid understanding and experience in education/training,  finance, business development, governance, and fundraising & business finance, and anti-corruption issues will be helpful but not compulsory. You must be independent, Impartial, have a wide experience, have a special knowledge with sound personal qualities. You must also have solid decision-making abilities, show leadership,  initiatives and be committed to the values of APBA.

key responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to the strategic direction of APBA;

  • Efficiently solving problems that arise;

  • Communicating with third parties;

  • Ensuring all the audit requirements are satisfied;

  • Remuneration of the executive directors;

  • Appointing the board of directors.


This is a volunteering position other than expenses covered. However, you are entrusted with a high level of authority within APBA

Interested? Please send your CV and a letter expressing your interest + stating how you propose to support the work of ABPA and uphold its values. Email address: drjane@icepe-uk.co.uk (Dr. Jane Hans). Please copy your mail to apbauk@gmail.com

Desired Skills: 
Strategic planning
Business Analysis
Business Development
Business Planning
Strategic Management