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APBA Professional Membership

Graduates and people with longstanding professional experience are invited into APBA Membership.


APBA members stand a better chance of gaining employment because they can demonstrate that they have committed to our Code of Ethics and Conduct and are therefore reliable, trustworthy and of integrity. Members use letters after their name and also they may place the APBA Membership logo on their CV, website, or letterheads. Membership is currently FREE


Gaining APBA membership means making an open declaration against all forms of malpractices and the evils of corruption. You commit to living by operating and uphold sound anti-corruption practices and perform all your vocational duties with the highest possible form of professionalism. To attain and maintain this standard you will commit to being regulated by the APBA Code of Ethics and Conduct, and to upholds APBA’s core values

All APBA Members (Students, Professionals, and Businesses) are expected to be good ambassadors of professionalism, rendering themselves to honesty, respect, accountability, fairness, integrity, humility, responsibility, inclusion, open opportunity and transparency. To this extent, every member works in the 'APBA's Customer Service department.'

APBA aims to encourage the highest form of anti-corruption practices amongst professionals and businesses. The faster our membership grows and the more people and businesses upholding shun corruption, the better our world would be. Visit the APBA website (www.apbauk.wixsite.com/apba) for more details and to complete an application form online. Please note that not all applications are successful. You must answer all the application questions and provide all relevant supporting documents. Membership status is open to Students, Professionals, and Businesses

For further information/clarification contact Dr Jane Hans: drjane@icepe-uk.co.uk. Please copy your mail to apbauk@gmail.com

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