For the past five years, leading digital recruitment agency, Skillsearch, have made it their one and only endeavour to ensure that it is our clients who are armed with the very best industry professionals available in gaming, mobile, art and animation and the wider digital sector.

In response to the digital invasion, Skillsearch began building a formidable reputation for being highly capable of delivering the top talent in these niche marketplaces, within tight timescales and even, when required, internationally.

With a genuine passion for gaming, tech and digital, our Digital Recruitment Consultants have immersed themselves within their particular fields, thereby acquiring an impressive network of many of the industry’s most innovative organisations and most skilled professionals.

Skillsearch Digital’s rigorous in-house training programme and a sheer determination to be unsurpassed in the world of digital recruitment, has resulted in a fun and energetic team of digital enthusiasts with an exemplary understanding of the trends and demands of this innovative sector.

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