When we’re doing a great job, you’re probably not aware of us, but you’re more than likely to see our work in the course of at least one part of your day.

We’re in a lot more places than you might think. If you’re out shopping we may have already counted the stock that you buy, if you’re enjoying London’s Royal Parks, then we will have planted some of the thousands of bulbs and plants you see, if you’re in education we may well be providing ‘food for thought’ in our range of catering outlets.

However, we never forget our roots, so that particularly clean building with the sparkling windows is probably down to some of our amazing teams who take such pride in their work.

You might wonder what kind of people work for OCS. Well, the short answer is - all kinds.  We value having a workforce that is diverse in knowledge and experience as it means that our clients benefit too.

  • 4 Tilgate Forest Business Park, Brighton Road
  • RH11 9BP

Jobs at OCS Group: