It’s the people that make the chicken.

Surprising as it may sound Nando’s isn’t just about the chicken.

The flame-grilled goodness may be loved across the country, but it doesn’t make us who we are. Our people do. 

We encourage them to bring their own personality to the table every day. That’s what creates the unforgettably unique experiences that keep our customers coming back for more. And their passion is reflected in our commitment to our career offering. We won’t just give you new skills, new opportunities and teach you about every aspect of the restaurant world, we’ll help you grow as an individual too.

If that sounds like we want to push you to achieve your full potential, then that’s right. We do. But who said ambition had to be boring? Not us. In fact, we invest £millions in fun extravaganzas for our people every year. It all adds up to being a great place to work. (We’ve even won the awards to prove it.)

  • St Mary’s House, 42 Vicarage Crescent
  • SW11 3LD

Jobs at Nando's: